Status Update: Welcome to March

Hi! I’m Steve. You’ll see me online as Steevithak. As much as I hate to interrupt Voxphoto’s fascinating stories from the archives of, it’s time to start posting occasional status updates on our infrastructure. Mostly, I’ll be talking about recent changes to the software or hardware that runs our site. And as is a community-supported project, I’ll try to point out opportunities to help when ever possible.

Backups: Nightly backups have been working for a few days now. At present I have one offsite storage location for the backups. I’d like to find one more. If anyone can provide me with 200MB of space on a server and an ftp login, please let me know.

Social Media: We’re in good shape here, Vox has been busy handling this blog and twitter. Our twitter feed is also syndicated to our Facebook page. If you’d like to help us out here, follow our twitter or like our Facebook page.

Server Status: Currently we have two Dreamhost VPS accounts (one running MySQL and one running Apache). Virtual Private Servers (VPS) can be a little slower than physical servers but they are easily scalable, allowing us to save money on hosting. We’re trying to run at the minimum levels possible to conserve hosting funds during our startup period but we should be able to scale quickly when traffic starts rising. The best way you can help here is to make a donation to the hosting fund. Once we get past our first monthly bill, Vox should be able to provide some concrete numbers on how we’re doing.

Site traffic: The week we went live we averaged 3,000 page views per day. As word leaked out about our existence and Google began indexing our pages, traffic started climbing. Last week we passed 6,000 page views per day. So traffic is still just a trickle but as more and more of our pages enter the search results, traffic should continue to climb. You can help spread the word; there are still plenty of links to Camerapedia out there that need updating to Check your blog, facebook page, flickr descriptions, and any other website you edit. Update those links!

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