Camera-wiki.org is a free encyclopedia about cameras and photographic gear, written and edited by its users. Camera-wiki is the successor to the work begun at Camerapedia.org. The support of our community has helped us grow rapidly, and keep the wiki’s content available without commercial distractions.

If you know a thing or two about cameras, or you now a lot about one camera in particular, we’d love you to join in writing for the wiki and help the Camera-wiki become even better. Editing in the wiki isn’t hard; it’s written in a code very like HTML, designed to be quick to learn. You won’t find a registration link at the wiki though: we got snowed under by a bunch of spammers, and we had to disable self-registration, at least for now. To set up a user account, you need to contact one of our admins (here’s a list of us); Dustin, Hans or Geoff should be able to set up your account. The easiest place to find us is at Camera-wiki.org’s Flickr group.

The Flickr group hosts discussions about what’s happening at the wiki. To join in, you’ll have to be logged in at Flickr; then you can use Flickr’s internal ‘Flickr-mail’ to contact an admin. The group also collects pictures of cameras and accessories, a few of which get used in the wiki pages: you can help the wiki by adding pictures of your cameras too!

The Camera-wiki blog (this site) offers periodic updates about the wiki, plus general news & views about interesting and unusual cameras.

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