Donate! was founded on the pledge to remain an advertising-free, non-commercial Camera encyclopedia. But ultimately, someone does have to pay the bills. At present, we’ve set a goal of $75 per month to offset our hosting expenses.

If you find a valuable resource (or just want to take a stand against commercializing crowd-sourced content) please consider donating a bit of money to our hosting fund. You can donate via PayPal by clicking the “Donate” link below and making either a one-time donation or committing to a small monthly donation.

A typical one-time donation is USD $25 and most monthly contributors donate $5/month, but any amount you’d like to give is greatly appreciated! Thanks to all who’ve donated so far!

[PLEASE NOTE: we have learned that PayPal does not support the “donate” button for residents of Japan, and perhaps other countries. If you encounter a problem, you may log in to your personal PayPal account and click the “Send & Request” tab. Then “send money to family and friends” to the wiki’s donation email address: <>. Our apologies for the inconvenience. See donation instructions in Japanese (Camera-wikiへの寄付) courtesy of wiki editor Dinosaur123.]

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