Happy 6th Birthday, Camera-Wiki.org!

Camera cake photo by Joseolgon (cc by-sa)

Six years and we’re still here, still adding photos, still adding new articles. The additional bandwidth of our current host has allowed our continued growth while maintaining reasonable page load times for our international users. Our editors and contributors will be busy adding more new articles in 2017 and we expect to continue improving the server and backend software as well.

Here’s a snapshot of how we’re doing:

But, the bigger we get, the more expensive it is to pay for all this. So, if you find Camera-Wiki.org useful, please consider making a donation so we can keep up the work of documenting all the world’s cameras and lenses. And we’re also always on the look out for volunteers to help with the site content. If you know how to use MediaWiki sites (like Wikipedia), you’ll feel right at home editing here because Camera-Wiki.org uses the same software. Ask an existing editor on our Flickr group if you’d like to have an account on the wiki. Or if you have photos of old camera or lenses, please post them to flickr and add them to the Camera-Wiki.org Flickr group so we can include them in articles.

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