Happy Birthday, Camera-wiki.org!

One year ago today, after weeks of feverish backstage activity, the site Camera-wiki.org went public!

In earlier blog posts, we’ve covered some of the whys and hows behind our “fork” (and there are personal accounts here and here). But today we’re celebrating everything we’ve achieved in the past year:

  • About 100 contributors created a login and typed something into the wiki
  • These intrepid wiki editors added over 1,170 new article pages
  • Our new Flickr group grew to 872 members, and has over 44,000 pool images
  • We’ve become accepted as the authoritative successor to Camerapedia; and many websites have switched their external links to us (thanks!)
  • We’ve checked thousands of photo permissions, and improved byline credits
  • We’re beginning an overhaul of our (previously unclear) category system
  • 24 generous contributors have donated funds to cover our hosting costs—keeping us independent, and free from ugly, distracting ads
  • Our level of activity hugely eclipses the mere dribble at Wikia’s “ghost ship” copy
  • And our site traffic shows steady growth—with thousands of pageviews a day

So light up those birthday candles and wave those sparklers around! And if you don’t know much about us yet, see our About page or our FAQ;  or drop in on one of our Flickr discussion threads to say hello.

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